Chinatown Adventure Tours

Fun & Feng Shui! On & Off The Tourist Track
Gayla Yates




Portsmouth Square

We meet at 11 AM, in Portsmouth Square. There, on a grassy knoll, you'll learn a few T'ai Qi moves, to connect with traditional Chinese energy.




Old women

Portsmouth Square is like one big "outdoor living room" to the local community. You'll see Moms with children in the award winning playground, while older folks are doing T'ai Qi, playing cards or Mah Jong, or gathering to gossip.






Three Fates

Look up and notice The Three Fates. You might wonder why they are they faceless. You'll soon be learning fascinating facts and fables about The Fates and other mysteries in and around Chinatown.




Flying Windsocks

You'll discover Chinatown from new perspectives
--both on and off the tourist track.




After your complementary, sumptuous, vegetarian lunch, we'll explore Ross Alley, the oldest alley in San Francisco. Here, just in time for dessert, we'll arrive at the Fortune Cookie Factory, where the cookies have been made in exactly the same way, since 1906.

Inside the Fortune Cookie Factory

Imagine, Fortune Cookies *hot off the press!* Better buy a couple of bags to take home for gifts. But, be careful, or you might pick up a bag with the "naughty" fortunes in them.


.CalligrapherNext, you'll meet Master Calligrapher, Mr. Lee. He will write your name in Chinese, on a souvenir bookmark:a gift to you from Gayla.



Tin How Temple

At TIEN HOW, the oldest Chinese Temple in the United States, you'll learn how to "signal the Gods," using 100 sticks of incense for prayer offerings. You'll be introduced to Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion; Tsai Shen Yeh, God of Wealth; Tien How, The Big Buddha; and many other Chinese Dieties. You'll be gifted with Hong Bao packets of blessed tea to take home.


Upscale shop

It just wouldn't be right to be in Chinatown without doing some serious shopping! Gayla will guide you to shops that are chock full of exotic schlock and/ or, to silks, books, or a personalized jade chop.




You'll find melodious windchimes, Feng Shui flutes, high flying butterfly kites, paper dragons and other Chinese wonders,
on famous Grant Street.



Double Happiness

At the end of the day your feet may feel tired; but, your heart will be full with
Double Happiness!

We'll create a Chinatown Adventure Tour especially for your group,
Or, you're welcome to join one of ours!
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