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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of adjusting, balancing and harmonizing environmental Qi, (ch'i, pronounced "chee") vital, life-force, bio-energy, with the intention to increase health, happiness, prosperity and peace of mind.

Clutter is a severe hinderance to the healthy flow of Qi (vitality). Clutter can either cause, or be caused by low, or stagnant, Qi energy. Negative Qi can adversely affect your moods, health and sense of well-being. The effects can be cumulative over time.

If you could wave a magic wand...
Would your clutter be gone?

The 1~5 Value Scale
This is a system that will take the stress out of eliminating clutter! The process is simple, fun, intuitive and practical. To learn the system, first, become familiar with the qualities in the descriptions of each number in the 1~5 Scale; then think of several objects in your life that fit in each category. Once you are familiar with the system, play with it!

#1: "I wish I didn't have this thing."
Get the #1's out of your life! Be ruthlessly courageous. Hold a garage sale, call in the Salvation Army. Whatever it takes! Don't let your mind's rationalizations talk you out of it. "Yes but... I paid so much money for it!" "I really [used to] like this thing." "I really [think I] want to fix this thing someday. My mother gave it to me-- What would she think?!" Get your "but's" and your #1's out of the way! It doesn't matter if you paid $9,000.00 for it, if it was given to you by your best friend, or if it was made by your grandfather. Obsolete possessions can become the "thieves of your soul." So, if it's a #1, pass it on. Let someone else care-take it.

#2: Limbo-Land Stuff
These are the things you're just not quite ready to decide about in the present moment. Thoughts like, "This chair will be great once it's repaired." That's fine, *IF* you're passionately committed to finishing the project! At least, get the #2's out from under your nose and into storage. Then schedule a time with yourself to accomplish the job. Give yourself six months, not much more, to move those #2's, either up the scale, because you fixed them, or down the scale, because you realize you've finally detached enough to let them go.

If you haven't missed something, or used it in a year, it's not benefiting your life. Instead, it's lurking in, and impinging upon, the back of your mind. It's "Mind Clutter!", as well as, storage space clutter. So, if that old chair you bought last summer at a garage sale will really turn into a treasure with just a little fixing, give yourself six months to do it; or move it out and let someone else do it. Goodwill has people just waiting to fix and find homes for the stuff you don't have time for. If the item in question is that sweater that Grandma knit, give yourself up to a year to decide if those styles from the seventies will come back again. Or, if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you put it on, keep it just to wear around the house. As long as you love it and wear it, it's "Qiful." But, if it's only collecting dust and moth holes, then it's nothing but an energetic detriment to your life.

#3: Neutral Stuff
These are the things that are useful to your life; but, they generally don't elicit any emotional attachment; so, they are "neutral". For example, it's handy to have a wastebasket. If it disappeared you'd probably replace it, but, chances are, you wouldn't be emotionally upset over the loss; unless it's a designer wastebasket. If it invokes special appreciation, it may actually be a #4. Conversely, if your wastebasket is too small, too dirty, broken, or in anyway annoying, or unsatisfactory, declare it a #1!

#4: Good Stuff
Comfy cozy chairs, a few favorite books, aesthetically pleasing objects, art, music, fountains and tropical fish may qualify as #4's. These are the special things that truly contribute to your sense of comfort and well-being.

#5: "I want to take this to Heaven with me!"
Inspirational art, books, crystals, personally meaningful objects, sacred symbols and special music can soothe our spirits. Beautiful, fragrant, flowers may be #5's when freshly picked; but, as their life-force, begins to fade, they quickly slip down the scale. They become a #1, almost as soon as the wilting process begins.

Be sure to keep a few #5's near you in places where you spend a lot of time. For example, keep something "uplifting" by your computer to help contrast and balance the mundane, nitty-gritty work energy. It's especially beneficial to have a significant #5 in your bedroom where it'll be the last thing you'll see before you close your eyes to sleep and the first thing you'll see when you awake in the morning. A window with a beautiful view of nature is a natural #5.

Secrets to Success:
Practice! Practice! Practice! Walk into any room: relax; quiet your mind; calm your emotions. Breathe... Then ask your intuition, inner-guidance, "High Self," to tell you the perfect number as you look at each object in the room.

Questions like, "Should I keep this thing?" will engage your conscious mind and induce stress (fear of loss). Your conscious mind is infinitely creative, so it can simultaneously see the pros and cons of any thing. This causes push-pull, confusing, emotional feelings. Your conscious mind can (and will) justify anything. How can you be certain you're making the correct decision, to toss or keep a thing, when you know that you can just as easily justify the opposite choice?!

Furthermore, t he "Inner Child" part of you, probably wishes you still owned your original teddy bear. It doesn't want to let go of anything that ever made you happy, or that might ever make you happy again, or that may remind you of something that ever made you happy. In other words, the Inner Child part of you wants to keep everything!

Is it any wonder we tend to hold on to our clutter? The secret to letting go, is to access and ask your intuition, inner-guidance, "High Self". Go to that part of yourself and ask to hear the perfect number. Then listen!

Numbers are neutral, so they don't engage emotions.The mission of your High Self is to enable you to live a happy, healthy, balanced life. Your High Self doesn't give a hoot about how much you paid for a thing, who gave the thing to you, or what might be the future value of the thing. Your High Self can by-pass all those considerations and guide you to keep only what will contribute to your highest good and greatest purpose.

So, turn the job over to your High Self (intuition) and then... Listen! Whatever number pops into your mind first = That's it! Stick to it! Never argue with your intuition. (If you can't trust your own inner-knowing, who can you trust?) As you practice and learn to trust, you'll gain more confidence, be more relaxed and have more fun. This simple, effective, intuitive system circumvents the hassel of the typical decision making process: No, but..." or, "Yes, but..." Once you learn to truly trust your High Self, you will gain a refreshing sense of "Inspired Certainty".

This 1 to 5 number system is simple; but, it can work wonders! Your clutter clearing can become a joyful, quick, intuitive process. Eliminating clutter releases old "stuck" energy, making your space feel cleaner, happier, more hospitable and more inviting to you, as well as, to others; i.e., much more "Qiful!"*

*Qiful, Qifully: words coined by Gayla = Full of Qi, full of vitality!

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Typical Testimonials Re: Clutter

"It only took me nine days to get rid of decades worth of clutter.
Gayla's system inspired me and made it a relatively easy job. Wow! It was worth it!"

--George S., Acountant

"My clutter was a legend in the neighborhood. I was embarrassed to open the garage door.
Now it's a showplace... and with plenty of room to park my car, too!"

--Jim L., Real Estate Broker

"This really changed my life. I'm back on track."
--Jennifer H., Homemaker

"I can hardly believe how much my business improved. The phone's ringing off the hook!" --Don

"If I can do it, anyone can!"
--Linda B., Caterer

"The negative is out. The positive is in."
--August, Master Martial Arts Instructor

"It's amazing!"
--Virtually all clients say this!


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