Transformational Life Counseling


If you could wave a magic wand, what would you wish for?

More joy, self love, courage, certainty, mental clarity,
emotional freedom, peace of mind?

What if you could transform your experience of your life?

If not now, when?

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Q. What is TLC?

Transformational Life Counseling (TLC), is a synthesis of Huna Healing, MotherWave, Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and ASTOUNDING BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERIES IN REVOLUTIONARY NEW BRAIN RESEARCH that cause PERMANENT POSITIVE RESULTS!

Q. What can it do for me?

TLC will lovingly alter deep, unconscious, core beliefs, or fears, that cause self-sabotage, anxiety, procrastination, insomnia and other symptoms that hold you back from achieving your greatest potential. TLC will repattern your BRAIN and and vitalize your ENERGY. You'll have more self-esteem, confidence, joy and peace of mind. TLC is gentle, FAST and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.

Q. How long does it take?

In a one hour session, you will feel profound results. Repetition will make it permanent.

Q. Where does it happen?

I have a beautiful office available in Santa Rosa, California; but if you live within an hour, or so, and depending on certain other criteria, it may be preferable to have the sessions in your home. Telephone work is also effective.

Q. How much does it cost?

Ah, that "bottom line", again ;-) What IS the value of profound transformation? --Certainly priceless! But, since you asked... In my office, or in your home, it is $111., per session. If you live outside of Santa Rosa, add $30., per hour, for travel time to your home. If money is a problem, ask about payment plans, sliding scale, or other options.

Consultation by telephone is also an effective, affordable, option:
$33., $55., $77., $99., per hour (sliding scale). You make the phone call. Pay according to your results, or your means.


TLC is not talk-therapy and it is not intended to replace any therapy, psychological treatment, medical treatment, or pharmaceutical drugs.

What people say...

I suffered all my life from chronic depression, anxiety attacks, insomnia and severe lack of self-esteem. At the end of my first one hour session with you, Gayla, I felt hopeful, confident, relaxed, expansive, joyful, self-loving, and "at peace".

I decided to go for a few more sessions, to work on other, specific, issues. Every time, the results are amazing. I am happier now, than I can ever remember being in the last sixty-five years of my life. --Roger G.


"Of all the long-term talk-therapies and self-improvement courses I've done over the years, I have to say, my few sessions of TLC produced the most profound changes in my daily life and in my sense of well-being. I'm also feeling more joy than ever before... and for me, that's a miracle!" --D.B.D., Psychologist, Santa Rosa, CA


"I'm accomplishing more, I'm more self-assured and I'm loving my transformed life. TLC is truely amazing!" --Merina K., CEO, Malibu, CA


To Whom It May Concern:

I decided to take several Transformational Life Counseling sessions with Gayla to improve various areas of performance in my personal life. Since these sessions, I am more confident, more motivated and much happier. My plan for a career change has gained clarity. I'm taking definite steps toward my goals. I'm much more focused and more positive in my job search. And frankly, my search has taken some surprising turns - remarkable turns! that I don't believe would have happened, had it not been for Gayl's help.

Gayla combines unique strategies and techniques for each individual she is working with. Her technique is certainly not a cookie cutter approach. Her intuition guides her, in the moment. When you make the decision to change your life for the better and work with Gayla, you will see she has keen insight that allows her to tune into you and design methods specifically tailored for you. Gayla is not a therapist, she is a Shaman!

In the field of Feng Shui and Transformational Life Counseling Gayla Yates is a "heavy hitter." In my opinion, she is THE "big gun" for implementing change and transforming personal issues. I highly recommend working with Gayla to implement whatever positive changes you may want in your life. Working with Gayla is an opportunity. Don't pass it up.

(Gayla also worked out a payment schedule with me that greatly helped make the work with her possible. She's worth every penny --in fact, she's priceless!)


Tom S., Petaluma, California


So, what if you could actually transform your life TODAY!?

Call Gayla NOW, and discover how. 707.573.1133/ Toll-Free: 1.877.959.1199.


I absolutely believe
wisdom, compassion and joy
can change the world, one life at a time.

We don't always have the option to change our life,
but we can always change our relationship to our life.

Transformation can happen fast
and last forever.



Gayla Meredyth Yates studied extensively in Asia, Europe and the United States, to receive spiritual initiations, metaphysical methods, shamanic secrets and state of the art psychological technologies. She embodies spiritual lineage, wisdom and knowledge from ancient philosophies and New Science.

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