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Amazing! Feng Shui is ancient wisdom applied to modern life. The metaphysical secret to profound transformation is in the shamanic shifting, cleansing, balancing and harmonizing of Qi, (ch'i, pronounced "chee,") the bio, life-force, vital energy in your environment.

"To know Qi
is to know life's greatest secret."

--The Venerable Taoist Master, Yogi C.M. Chen,
speaking to Qibla Veda Rama (Gayla) in 1976


Qibla Veda Rama (Gayla) with Yogi C.M. Chen in 1976Chen

Qi is inherent in every environment. If the Qi is too low, too strong, or too stagnant, it can adversely affect your moods, health and sense of well-being. Gayla is a Shamanic Qi Specialist.* She can "cure," neutralize and/or dispel negative (Sha Qi) influences. She'll then infuse your environment with vigorous, healthy, life enhancing Qi. Shift happens!

*Shaman: one who perceives, understands and has the ability to transform (shift) Qi, (vital energy.)


"Your mission in life
is to make the world beautiful."

~~Ram Dass to Veda Rama (Gayla) in 1968

Veda Rama (Gayla) with Ram Dass in 1968
Your Amazing! Feng Shui consultation is like having your own personally designed seminar. You'll learn how to see your environment "through feng shui eyes." You'll discover feng shui "cures" and secrets to happiness. You'll participate in a powerful Blessing Ceremony to activate your highest intentions. And you'll be amazed by the instant shamanic quantum shift that will metaphysically magnetize your good fortune. You can feel the shift!

"An ounce of metaphysical 'cure'
is worth
a thousand pounds of effort."

~~Feng Shui Master, H.H. Professor Lin Yun
to Gayla, in 1993

Master Lin Yun with Gayla in 1993

Amazing! Feng Shui Can Transform Your Life!

   AMAZING! FENG SHUI begins with The Art of Placement
AFS Best Award 2009

and although that is where ordinary feng shui begins and ends,
with Amazing Feng Shui this is just the beginning...
Gayla doesn't just move furniture, she moves ENERGY!
Gayla will shamanically balance, harmonize and align QI (energy)
to activate and attract your heart's desires.
You will FEEL the difference!
So, think... If you could wave a Magic Wand, what would you ask for?

Expect a miracle!
Miracles Happen!

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