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The Art of Placement is a system for creating balance and harmony in any environment. Adjusting and orienting furniture, light, colors, mirrors, the elements and other things in your home or office can favorably influence your experience of your life. Making sensitive changes can positively affect your emotions, health, comfort, safety and good fortune.

"Placement" can cause remarkable results. For example, if your desk is currently facing a wall, or if you're sitting with your back to the door, turning your desk around just might "turn your life around!" You may suddenly feel more in control, more powerful, and/or a sense of expansion. Then you might notice that you've gained a broader perspective and that, in turn, could give you a whole new relationship to your business and/or, your life.

The Art of Placement deals with what can be seen, i.e., furniture, colors, the elements, etc. Since this is the easiest aspect of feng shui to grasp and to talk about (without getting metaphysical,) it is what is popularized in almost all of the modern feng shui books and classes on the subject. Consequently, this is all that most people expect from feng shui, and it is the total extent of what is commonly practiced by the majority of feng shui practitioners.

The art of placement can cause dramatic benefits, but nevertheless, it is still only addressing the environment at the most superficial level.

Amazing! Feng Shui includes all aspects of the Art of Placement, in fact, it defines "Precision Placement!" AND it goes far beyond the simple arrangement of furniture, mirrors, crystals, fountains and flutes.

Amazing! Feng Shui encompasses complex, shamanic, multidimensional systems of wisdom, knowledge, psychology, dowsing, intuition, art, science, quantum physics, metaphysics and Qi.

The metaphysical secret to profound transformation is in the shamanic shifting of Qi, i.e., the cleansing, balancing and harmonizing of vital, life-force, energy at the quantum levels of your environment.

Houses are porous. They absorb strong emotions like a sponge. Think of how yucky your dish sponge would get if you never wrung it out! Your home (and/or office) will feel noticeably lighter and brighter with an Amazing! Feng Shui treatment.

Gayla is a Master Qi Specialist. More than three decades of experience: Shift Happens!

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"When people call Gayla for Feng Shui, they think they are getting a consultant.
What they don't know
is that they are actually getting a magician!"
--Barry Gordon, Master Feng Shui Consultant
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