Gayla Meredyth Yates, A.K.A. "Ramdassi"
Amazing! Feng Shui Consultant, Shaman, Qi Specialist, Transformational Teacher, Mentor & Motivational Public Speaker, since 1971.

Gayla traveled extensively through China, Japan, Nepal, India, Europe and the United States to receive state of the art psychological technologies, ancient metaphysical methods, esoteric shamanic secrets, and enlightening spiritual initiations from venerable masters.

Gayla embodies spiritual lineage, wisdom and knowledge. 38 years of Amazing Feng Shui experience: Miracles happen!

Gayla has a unique talent for using her voice shamanisticly, which profoundly shifts Qi (bio-energy) to activate and attract good fortune for your happiness, healthy living, enhanced relationships, and thriving business.





Early Life
I was born in The Year of The Golden Dragon. As soon as I was old enough to walk, my grandmother started taking me to The Museum of Fine Arts. She said I always made a beeline to the Asian section and then I never wanted to leave. At age eleven, I painted all my furniture black with red and green Chinese dragons all over!

I guess I always wanted to be a Crusader. This is me at age 12 or 13, on my horse, after riding in the 4th of July Parade, in New Boston New Hamphire:

Me as Young Crusader

As a young woman, I studied Fine Art, Design, Graphics and Calligraphy, at The Museum of Fine Arts College, and at The Massachusetts Institute of Fine Art. Then I became an Interior Designer & Color Consultant for a major commercial Interior Design company in Boston.

Seeker's Life
In 1966, I moved to California. I was soon initiated into Transcendental Meditation, Jo Rei, Reiki and Hawaiian Huna. In 1968, I was one of twenty people that lived all summer with Baba Ram Dass (AKA, Dr. Richard Allpert) at his home in New Hampshire. There, I practiced Meditation, Yoga, Fasting, Silence, T'ai Chi and Sufi Dancing. That winter, I moved to New Mexico to raise my daughter, do my art, ride my five horses, pursue esoteric spiritual studies and to deepen my study of Sufism at Lama Foundation. In 1972, I returned to California to study Sufism with Murshid "Sufi Sam" Lewis and Murshid Moineddin.

Qibla Veda Rama/ Gayla Qibla Veda Rama, 1972

I also studied Jewish Mysticism with Rabbi Zalman Schachter; Zen with Alan Watts; Vipassana Meditation with Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield; and Shamanic Taoism with Yogi C.M. Chen:

Veda Ramdassi & Yogi Chen, Belvedere CA, 1977 Veda Rama & Yogi Chen

Teacher's Life
In 1973, I Founded the Santa Cruz Branch of the Sufi Order International. I conducted weekly Universal Worship Services, Sufi Dancing, Sufi Seminars and community events. Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, head of the Sufi Order International ordained me, Cheraga (Minister). IN MEMORY OF PIR VILAYAT INAYAT KHAN 1916-2004:

Pir Vilayat & Veda Rama/ Gayla

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan & Qibla Veda Rama, Chamonix France 1972

I was also leading seminars on, Tantra, Tarot, Astrological Yoga and "Beyond Astrology". I did advanced work in EST, Actualizations, Silva Mind Control, Sedona Method, Rebirthing, and Lifespring.

Miraculous Life
While reading Edgar Cayce, Swami Yogananda and Carlos Castanada, so many of the miracles they wrote about were being duplicated in my life that I coined my motto, "A miracle a day keeps the doldrums away!"

AHIMSA --A True Story from 1976

Even after a decade of associations with the Hindu tradition, I'd never heard the word 'Ahimsa', until Yogi Chen asked me to do the calligraphy for a book, a collection of Chinese poems he'd just finished translating, called Ahimsa. The poems were all about the virtues vegetarianism and harmlessness. In Sanskrit, the philosophy of "No Harm" is called, "Ahimsa".

I decided to design an original calligraphic font with an oriental flair for this special assignment. Upon that decision, the Ahimsa book suddenly became a major project. At first I was feeling overwhelmed by the number of hours it was taking. But, my apprehension soon dissipated as I noticed I was being profoundly transformed by the concentration. Then I realized that this project was more than just another calligraphy job. It was a privilege, an honor and a gift bestowed upon me by Yogi Chen.

So, when it came time to deliver the poems, I wanted to acknowledge my appreciation by giving Yogi Chen something extra, something special, along with my calligraphy. It wasn't easy to imagine what to give to a Taoist monk, who needs absolutely nothing. After a few meditations on the question, I got the inspiration to wrap the calligraphy in my meditation shawl, a beautiful large scarf from India, printed with red Buddhist symbols, on yellow silk. Having served for so many years as a meditation shawl, it was filled with Baraka (spiritual energy), so what could be better?

Yogi Chen seemed very pleased with both the calligraphy and the scarf. He made us tea and then got out his Chinese Almanac and looked up my astrology. Yogi Chen told me I was born in the year, month, week, day and hour of the Golden Dragon King. I asked him what that meant and he replied that, "It means you have power to move the multitudes." [Oh my!]

On the long drive home, I kept contemplating how I could fulfill such a destiny. But, since no answers came rushing in to answer the question, I turned my attention toward noticing that, although I was deeply pleased about having given Yogi Chen my meditation shawl, I was also aware that there was now a 'hole' in my life which needed to be filled. That precious old scarf was so permeated with Baraka I was wondering how I could ever adequately replace it. You just can't buy such a thing at the mall.

Within minutes of arriving back home, my Sufi friend, Sherdyl, dropped by for a spontaneous visit, and to bring me a present, "For no special occasion", he said. Imagine my amazement and delight when he handed me a magnificent, huge, gorgeous, Indian meditation shawl!

Only then did I tell him about my gift to Yogi Chen and how I'd just been wondering how I could replace my wonderful old shawl. Sherdyl's gift, being so perfect and timely, was obviously divinely inspired. We laughed together, rejoicing in the mystery of miraclous synchronicity.

Later that evening, I had a lovely meditation, wrapped in my wonderful new shawl. When I opened my eyes, I began admiring the beautiful gift, the delicate silk embroidery and the fine texture of the white wool. Then, I turned over a corner of the fabric and, to my utter amazement, saw this label:

AHIMSA label

Even though it was already nine PM, I called Yogi Chen. I couldn't wait to ask him how such a miracle could possibly happen. He said, "God did it." I said "Yes, but, how could this happen?" He said, "God did it." I said, "Yes, I know, but, how did it happen?" He said, "God did it."

I said, okay. Thank you.

My life continues to be filled with spectacular synchronicities, all of which are *miracles* to me.

Qiful Life
Master Da Liu was my first T'ai teacher, in 1968. In 1978, I was certified to teach T'ai Chi Chih, by Master Justin Stone.

I continued my study with Master Chungliang Al Huang. In 1985, I traveled with Chungliang to The People's Republic of China, to deepen my experience with T'ai Qi, T'ai Ji, Qi Gong, Feng Shui, Chinese Culture and Chinese Philosophy. At Lanting Institute, I was awarded the Certificate of Accomplishment for Intensive Chinese Study.

I taught T'ai Qi, T'ai Ji, T'ai Chi Chih and Qi Gong classes and seminars for more than twenty years.

T'ai Qi in Sedoan AZ, 1992 TaiQiSedona

In the early eighties, I focused on Hinduism with Sri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji, who named me "Ramdassi ~ Servant of God".

Starting in 1986, I studied Tibetan Buddhism, for nearly a decade, with Lama Lobsang Geshe Gyatso Rinpoche. He said we were brother and sister in our last life:

Geshe Gyatso & Gayla

Lama Lopsang Geshe Gyatso Rinpoche & Veda Ramdassi, Nevada City, CA, 1983

Through the ninties, I became a Radical Breatherapy Practitioner, a Motherwavework Senior Practitioner, an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and well versed in several other personal growth trainings.

In 1994, Jack Canfield certified me as a Self Esteem Facilitator.

Pilgrim's Life
I've traveled through China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, France, England and all over the U.S. to be with venerable Masters and to explore the Qi (bio-life-force-vitality) and geomancy in ley lines, vortices, lava caves, labyrinths, European cathedrals, Asian temples, sacred circles and circle dances.

w/ Dzatrul Rinpoche, Nepal

Dzatrul Rimpoche, Veda Ramdassi & Monks, Vajrapani, Nepal, 1982

Feng Shui Life
The first popular book on Feng Shui, in English, was published in 1987; but a decade before that, in the seventies, my business, "Interior Castle ~ Metaphysical Interior Design," specialized in balancing and harmonizing environments, using principles of esoteric geometry, Qi, color, light and metaphysical methods, to enhance the well being of the inhabitants: i.e., Feng Shui! In the eighties I studied the new wave of Feng Shui in America with many renowned Masters, including Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Master, Professor Lin Yun. For more details, please visit the Feng Shui page of this website.

Former Life (?)
At an ancient Taoist temple in China, I had a strong deja vu experience: I could describe what was around every corner, I knew where everything was! -- I went by my middle name for twenty years. During that time, I signed my name simply, M. Yates. But, as an ordained Sufi Cheraga and with my Doctor of Divinity, I could have legally signed it, Reverend M. Yates. Coincidentally [?] the first acclaimed authority on Feng Shui, in the Western world, was the Reverend M. Yates. He kept a detailed Feng Shui Journal while doing missionary work in China... In 1868.

When asked how long I've been doing Feng Shui, I'm inclined to say, "A very long time... in this lifetime."

"Amazing! Feng Shui & Transformational Counseling
is the synthesis and the fruition of my life's [or lifetimes'] odyssey.
~~Gayla Meredyth Yates

I teach Workshops, Seminars, Private Classes, and do Public Speaking on many topics:

•  Dowsing for Wisdom & Knowledge

•   How to Eliminate Clutter with Feng Shui & Dowsing

•   The Magic of Noh Form T'ai Qi (a synthesis of all the Qi Forms I've studied).

•   The Joy of Laughing --How and Why To Laugh, Even Though and Especially If "It's No Laughing Matter". (The Center for Spiritual Living christened me, "Minister of Mirth".)

•   I also have a richly rewarding, spiritually satisfying, entrepreneurial home based business. Please call me if you'd like to learn about why I think it is one of the hottest, right livelihood, opportunities on the planet: 707.573.1133

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