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Preparations = Intentions in action. The attention you give to your preparations is a metaphor for the level of intention you have for what you wish to manifest in your life. So, enjoy the process, have fun... like you're on a treasure hunt! [UR!]

  1. A new journal: spiral-bound, with blank pages, i.e., no lines, and large enough for your slightly open hand to fit completely on the page, (but not much larger than that.) This is for taking notes during the consultation, making a "wish list," and for recording your blessings, your miracles and your gratitudes.

  2. A new pen that feels pleasing in your hand and has a smooth flow of ink.

  3. For your Flower Blessing ritual, you'll want an abundance of fresh, qiful, flowers. Mixed bouquets that include a variety of colors and sizes are best. Avoid more than a few spiky type flowers, or an overabundance of tiny types. Please have the bouquets, free of wrappings and elastics, arranged, uncut, in tap water, in a vase.

  4. Three (3) new votive candles, in any color(s) of your choice. These are the long-burning, two inch tall candles, (not the tea candles in the little metal cups.) One (1) votive holder: new, small, very simple, glass.

  5. Three (3) fresh, organic, "qiful" oranges.

  6. A small stone that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and represents personal "grounding energy" to you. This may be a special rock that you already have in your possession, or you might find one along a trail, or in your garden. (Crystals are not suitable for this purpose.) Each person who is participating in this ceremony should bring their own, personal stone. You may also bring a stone in proxy for someone else.

  7. A large, round dinner plate, or a decorative plate, approx. 10" to 13" diameter. Old, or new. (Larger, if for a business.)

  8. Essence Water, 1/2 Liter size bottle, for the Blessing Ritual.

  9. Amazing! Feng Shui begins with a cup of coffee, or tea. This is when we clarify and align with your highest intentions. Later, before the shamanic ceremonies, we'll take a food break. Food is very important in traditional feng shui, because it represents your intention to nurture and to be nurtured. It is also to celebrate the fruition of the transformation of your environment. So, this can be a light feast with nurturing, sustaining, celebratory, qualities. To save time, the food should be mostly pre-prepared. Example: a little fish, some salads, or almost anything (as long as it never had feet) from Whole Foods Deli, would be perfect. (Keep it even more simple, if at a business location.)

  10. Red Envelopes: At the conclusion of the Shamanic Ceremonies, I will bless nine (9) "lucky" red envelopes (that I will provide.) You'll fill them with my payment and then present them back to me. Although you may include check(s) in your payment, each of the nine envelopes should contain some green cash, because, green cash carries a unique energy that is conducive to cash flow. Each envelope should also contain three gold and/ or silver dollars, because metal dollars symbolize more substantial and enduring monetary qualities. (Your bank can provide you with gold and silver dollars at face value.) The money and the attention and intention you put into it, is priming the pump for your own prosperity and good fortune. Feng Shui proverb: "Like attracts like!" Chinese clients always overpay for Feng Shui services to affirm their spirit of generosity and to symbolize and express their faith in the good fortune that they know the blessings will bring. You are not required do so; but, even one extra dollar is a step outside of the "bottom line" box. :-)

Checklist for Flower Blessing:
  •   journal & pen
  •   votive candles (3)
  •   votive holder (1)
  •   plate
  •   flowers (lots)
  •   oranges (3)
  •   coffee or tea & food
  •   small stone(s)
  •   cash & coin

Questions: Call Gayla,

Tea time

The moment you set the appointment for your Amazing! Feng Shui consultation, it establishes an immediate connection with my shamanic intentions for your greatest good. Frequently, people notice positive results even before I arrive at the doorstep. Please tell me if you do!

Attract Good Fortune, Happiness & Balanced "Qi"
for your business, office, home, property, car.

Amazing! Feng Shui Consultations include:

  •   Visioning your environment through "feng shui eyes."
  •   The Art of Placement & Ba Gua orientation.
  •   Flower Power Blessing Ceremony: Optional, add half an hour and note Checklist (above).
  •   Dowsing to determine noxious, or unbalanced Qi, (bio-force, vital energy.)
  •   Shamanic Clearing Ceremony: balancing and harmonizing Qi.
  •   Follow-up telephone calls

Red Envelopes

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Year of The Hare

Amazing! Feng Shui =
Powerful Good Fortune & Love
in The Year of The Rabbit

Amazing Feng Shui

Consultations & Shamanic Ceremonies

Payment plans are available to fit your budget - Just ask.


Residential Consultations:

$300., per hr.

Long distance driving: $30.00, per hour, round trip.

Destinations requiring Air-travel:
Three day minimum stay.

Includes AFS Consultation;
Plus, 3 hours of Transformational Life Counseling, or Feel FreeFast Counseling:

$900.00 per day, plus expenses.


Corporate Business:

$300.00, per hour.
(3 hr. min.)

Driving time: $30.00, per hour, round trip.

Destinations requiring Air-travel:
Three day minimum stay.

Includes AFS Consultation,
Plus, 3 hours of TLC/ Transformational Life Counseling.

$1200., per day, plus expenses.


Design Planning & Blueprint Review

$150.00, per hour. Plus travel & Red Envelope Donation.


Open House: Good Fortune Ceremony

$300.00, per hour,
plus travel.

$300.per hour,
plus travel.


Automobile Blessing Ceremony

(Blessings to promote safety;
and/ or to dispell trauma from accidents.)

$222.00, Plus travel & Red Envelope Donation.


Telephone Consultations:

$150., per hour.


Ghosts Be Gone

Serious problems: $999.99


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