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Gayla's Amazing! Feng Shui DVD

Gayla's End Clutter with Feng Shui, CD or Audiocassette

Swarovski Feng Shui Crystals

Eleviv = Support Health & Well-Being

Amazing Feng Shui In Action! DVD
Metaphysical Consultation & Ceremonies, by Gayla M. Yates

A Step-by-Step Consultation ~ "Reality" Unscripted. Filmed in a Vintage Italianate Victorian. Plus, Shamanic Ceremonies.
You'll begin to see *your* home through "Feng Shui eyes." Beginning with the client's interview and a demostration of Dowsing; then proceeding from the front door, "The mouth of Qi," to the foyer, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom; and concluding with the dramatic Shamanic Blessing Ceremony.

  •  Discover Feng Shui secrets you can't find in books
  •  Learn easy "cures" you can apply to your own home
  •  Discover Practical and metaphysical Feng Shui methods
  • Learn Feng Shui wisdom re: lighting, mirrors, crystals & more!

BONUS: An uplifiting Open House/ Garden Blessing Ceremony, live and unscripted.

Videography and Production of Consultation by Art & Clarity, Napa, CA 707.257.1166.
House Warming and DVD production by Tom Pierce,
Color/ Digitally Mastered Running Time approx 75 Minutes
© 2000 - 2010 by Gayla M. Yates $29.95 USA (+S&H)
To order, call Gayla: 707.573.1133

How To Eliminate Your Clutter With Feng Shui & Dowsing
By Gayla M. Yates
  • Learn A New System That Works Like Magic!
  • Learn Intuitive, Fool-Proof Tricks -- Not In Any Books
  • Plus, You'll Discover "The Secret!"

    Gayla M. Yates - Recorded live at the American Society of Dowsers West Coast Conference 2000
    This talk has inspired thousands of people to release mountains of clutter. It has saved some marriages, too!

    Order today... and watch your clutter vanish!

    Approx. 72 Minutes © 2000 - 2009 CD - $15.00; Audio Cassette $7.00; Priority Mailing: $5.95
  • To order, call: 707.573.1133 

Swarovski Austrian Crystals ~ Create gorgeous rainbows!

Auora Borealis crystal
Aurora Borealis, 50mm
(Photo is smaller than actual size)

Swarovski Geodesic cut crystals refract Qi in much the same way as they do sunlight. Therefore, for feng shui purposes, these crystals make effective "cures" even without exposure to direct light. They are perfect to hang in any significant areato enhance Qi, lift Qi, stimulate Qi, collect and gently disperse Qi and as protection from Sha (negative) Qi. They can also focus and magnify your intentions.

These are the finest Swarovski Austrian crystals, world renowned for their exceptional brilliance. Unlike most common crystals, Swarovski's are made with silver, instead of lead.


  • Green: Healing, life force. Good in kitchens, "wealth corners," or anywhere. (40mm)
  • Blue: Spiritual connection, peace. Good in meditation rooms and bedrooms. (40mm)
  • Pink: Love, happiness. Good for "relationship corners" and in bedrooms, especially over the bed, hanging directly above the heart area. (40mm)
  • Golden: Abundance! Also, wisdom and intellectual stimulation. Great for activating "prosperity corners," and "wisdom/ knowledge corners," over your desk, or anywhere you'd like the energy of gold. (40mm)
  • Red: Fire. Very effective for lifting and balancing the "nitty-gritty" energy from computers. These should hang betweenthe monitor and you, at about arm's length above eye level. Red crystals are also excellent for blessings, rainbows and joy in your car. (30mm)
  • Aurora Borealis: Subtle, yet powerful, rainbow energy to "Qifully" activate any area. (50mm)
  • Clear: Pure, powerful magnification of light, Qi and magnetism. May be used anywhere, to empower any positive intention. Especially effective as protection from intense Sha Qi. (70mm)

For more photos of crystals and information click here.

Approx. Sizes: 30mm = 1.25" / 40mm = 1.50" / 50mm = 2" / 70mm = 2.75"
Prices: 30mm: $18; 40mm: $33; 50mm: $45; 70mm: $99. (Tax included.)
Priority Shipping, Handling & Insurance: 30mm to 50mm: $5.00, for 1 to 3 crystals; 70mm: $5.00, each

To order, call: 707.573.1133 

"I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bragging, but, I'll be 70 years young, this year!"

Gayla & Raja 9.9.2009

~~Gayla & Maha-Raja~~ (September 9, 2009)

" I truly look and feel healthier than I was 10 years ago!"

•  No aches or pains (Oh, how I used to suffer!)
•  I have great energy and exuberant happiness (I used to be deeply depressed --a lot!)
•  My memory is better than ever.
•  My hair is thick and shiny, and my skin is soft and healthy.
•  I dropped from a size 16 down to a size 8, within 7 weeks, naturally, without dieting. --How is this possible?

I owe it all to
Eleviv... (See below)
I am a living testimonial for what this health supporting product can do. Look at my photo, taken just a not long ago.
No "facework", or makeup, either... just good natural health and vigor, supported by this exceptional product, from the inside out.

Please feel free to share *my* Secret with everyone in *your* world!

Call me to begin having the best time of your life: 707.573.1133
100% NATURAL, teeny-tiny emerald green ANTI-STRESS capsules, which will help you feel on YOU ON TOP OF YOUR WORLD! 85% of people feel it within 1 week! 99% within 2 weeks. To TRY IT is to LOVE IT!

ElevivProductBnr 100% Guarantee

Human clinical trials were shown to:
•  Reduce fatigue
•  Reduce feelings of stress
Improve mood
•  Restore concentration and mental alertness
•  Maintain chemical/ hormonal balance
•  Promote vitality and vigor**

And the best part, it does all of these things 100% naturally. Ingredients:
•  Natural extracts from oranges (citrus sinensis)
•  Natural extracts from eurycoma roots (eurycoma longifolia: known as "The Tree That Cures 1000 Illnesses")
•  Natural extracts from camellia sinensis (L-theanine, from green tea leaves)
•  Vegetarian based capsules made from chlorophyll

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