Attention, Intention, Miracles & Gratitude

Amazing! Feng Shui works shamanically with subtle energies to invite incredibly swift, and sometimes even miraculous results to enhance your happiness and transform your life. Most people are delighted by truly "Amazing!" results; but occasionally people look for mundane explanations to account for extraordinary events. Perhaps it requires too much of a s-t-r-e-t-c-h for their mind to encompass the ineffable.

For example, I remember one client who'd been experiencing a disastrous, downward business cycle for more than two years, ever since he'd moved into his new home. Within 24 hours of Amazing! Feng Shui, he received a phone call offering him the largest business contract he'd ever received in the history of his business. This was fresh, new business, (not something he'd been working on.) Yet, he said, "This couldn't possibly be because of the feng shui." [Little did he know!]

Miracles can be banished to the realm of the mundane by a person who simply doesn't notice, let alone by someone who chooses skepticism over possibility.

Always honor your miracles!

Amazing! Feng Shui Creates A Laser Focused Magnet Field
To Attract Your Greatest Good & Highest Purpose.

Magnetic Field

"Amazing!" is what almost every person exclaims out loud at the end of their Amazing! Feng Shui (AFS) Shamanic Ceremony. Occasionally (AFS) results are phenomenal, even miraculous: such as, the brilliant rainbows, the size of sailboat sails, that mystically moved up a three story interior wall and lasted for an hour --with no light source to account for them. Sometimes results are more subtle, like a shift in the feeling of the energy (Qi) in your environment, and/or a change in your consciousness, suh as more peace of mind, more happiness, better relationships, unexpected prosperity, creativity, and/ or other life-changing results, that may be truly "miraculous" for you. Whether your benefits are subtle, or spectacular, always acknowledge them with a generous spirit of Gratitude, because, that in itself can attract even more blessings. It is highly beneficial to consciously *notice*, at least nine (9) things (AFS related, or not) for which you are grateful. Make it your practice, for the next thirty-three days, to record your blessings in your feng shui journal every evening.
Put a BIG Happy Star STAR next to every blessing that you feel is, or "might" be, directly related to your Amazing! Feng Shui. Giving "The Universe" credit for responding to your sincere intentions and efforts, really seems to multiply one's benefits.

People who pay attention, give thanks and keep track in their journal, seem to get the best results over the longest period of time. Many of my clients discover that this is such an uplifting and rewarding practice that they keep it going long past the prescribed thirty-three days.

I'll also be meditating on your behalf, everyday for the next thirty-three days; so you may sense some gentle, yet powerful waves of energetic (Qiful!) momentum that you can align with and consciously channel toward the fulfillment of your highest intentions.

Please mark your calendar to remind yourself to call, and/ or email, me on the THIRD day following our appointment and again, on the THIRTY-THIRD day. On day three, I want to hear about what you're experiencing energetically, so that I can attune my meditations accordingly. And, of course, I want to hear about your miracles!

If you call and get my voice mail, you'll have four minutes to leave a detailed message and you can call back if you need another four minutes. So, please don't just say, "Hi, this is my three day call, Goodby." Because, that doesn't tell me anything. It's important for me to energetically track the progress of your process and since I can't always return calls immediately, detailed messages are essential.

In completion, on the thirty-third day, I'll be looking forward to hearing all about how your life has changed as a result of your Amazing! Feng Shui. I'd also love to receive your testimonial by email, so I might add it to this website. You can just click here:

Your personal stories may inspire and encourage others to invest in themselves,
in order to magnetize amazing shifts and miraculous transformations in their life, too.

Increasing happiness makes the world a better place!
I see an abundance of perfectly miraculous,
Amazing! Blessings in your future!

Golden Meditation

Sandy Grason has this to share on recording Gratitude:
"When you slow down long enough to notice the details around you
you will be awed by the beauty and abundance in the world. This is a good time to
express your thankfulness for all that you have and all that you are going to create
in your life. keeping a Gratitude journal is nothing more than writing down a few things
each day that you are grateful for, yet this practice holds magical will begin to look for things throughout your day to write down....once you get going, Gratitude will over-flow from your journal because there are so many things to be grateful for.
Therein lies the magic of expressing Gratitude in your journal.
It connects you to a state of appreciation that spills over into everything you do and experience.  It inspires you to view your life through a state of grace..."
[i.e., write in your] journal to awaken your inner voice, heal your life, and manifest your dreams'.
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