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The Transformation of A Monster

I have had an obsessive compulsive eating
disorder since age twelve. Those are rational words
that cannot really describe the madness of addiction.
I have been working towards a "cure" with every book
read, every workshop taken, and 30 years of every type
of therapy imaginable. I am now 55 years old, and one
month ago had a spiritual experience with Gayla that
took me over the threshold and into a new reality
where addiction doesn't live. Whether it was the
powerful shamanic space clearing of my house that blew
compulsion right out of the woodwork, or the artfully
guided Transformational Life Counseling that allowed the
healing, my life truly has changed dramatically. It
feels like magic -like a miracle -like it can't be
true...but day after day, the fact remains, the
addiction, the compulsion, and the pain is simply
gone. I almost can't remember what that other life
was like. Truly "Amazing ! Feng Shui"

Arlene T., December 2005

Dear Arlene,

What you wrote is perfectly wonderful; and your personal story is so amazing, I'd like to add a few more of the details...

I remember you said, "It feels like I have a ferocious, big, dark, Monster living inside me. He has a voracious, insatiable appetite. I'm afraid to even walk past the kitchen door, for fear of waking him." You said you "awake every day praying that today will be the day that [you] can win the battle with this Monster; but, he's been inside you ever since you were 12 years old; and, in spite of multiple therapies, classes and books, you have never, ever, won the battle --not even once, in forty-three years.

I asked the Monster if he would be willing to shift his relationship with you and transform himself into your Trustworthy Guardian, "like The Great Protector, Mahakala!" Fortunately, he agreed. Then you learned how to listen deeply, and we asked him to reveal the name he wished to be called. At first, you heard the name, Arnie, while I heard Argus; but, with further listening, he revealed to you that his true name is "Arnicus - The Powerful Healer!"

I'd like you to tell us what your relationship with Arnicus feels like now, and how your relationship with food has changed --How you feel healthy and "in-balance", nurtured and sustained --even through the holidays: Congratulations!

I'd love to have the whole story in your own words; but, if you prefer, I can use it as is. Your story is so true, graphic, deep and profound, I hope it will inspire others who are struggling with their own "Monsters".

You're in my meditations with Love & Blessings!
Happy Holidays!

Please read the amazing true story, MAHA'ULEPU on the Dowsing Wisdom page.

"I thought I knew what feng shui was. I expected crystals, furniture rearranging and a few 'cheeky' interior design ideas. Little did I know how powerful this work would be. Old, stuck, negative energy patterns (even some from previous owners) vanished. Now, after all this time, I suddenly feel like I belong here! No words can describe it. Amazing! Feng Shui is so far above pedestrian feng shui -- you just have to experience it to believe it!"
--Merina Kisera, CEO, Malibu, CA

"Gayla never saw my office, but her suggestions and shamanic intentions certainly had an affect... from three thousand miles away! My feelings about coming to work changed right away. I love the changes in my office. And what is most amazing is that, since Amazing! Feng Shui, tons of new clients are coming my way!" --Ken E., Corporate Consultant & Executive Coach, Boston, MA
"We weren't sleeping well in our new home. Even the kids were getting irritable. Amazing! Feng Shui really shifted the energy. Right away, we felt happier, more comfortable and like we really 'belong here!'"
--Allen H., Stockbroker, Windsor, CA
  "I got hired for the job of my dreams... even though I was the most unlikely candidate. And to make matters worse, I'd had a long time contentious relationship with the person in charge of hiring. Amazing! Feng Shui definitely worked a miracle for me!" 
--Rose G., CEO, Petaluma, CA

"The way she shifts energy with her voice is spine-tingling awesome!"
--Donald T., Healer, Santa Rosa, CA

Gayla in shamanic ceremony

"Gayla, you're a shaman!"
--Timothy Leary (1981)

"We moved into a house that had a ghost problem. It was upsetting the children. Our cat wouldn't even enter the house. Gayla's gentle magic sent the ghost on its way. She brought peace (and our cat) back into our home."
--Drew W., Designer, Petaluma, California



"Gayla came over for a visit one summer day and offered to dowse in my back yard. She found two underground streams flowing directly toward my house. I told her the basement flooded every winter. So, she did a shamanic ritual to move the water! She told me she'd changed the course of the streams to flow away in a harmless direction.

Quite frankly, I didn't know what to think about that! Rain wasn't due for a few months, anyway, so I just forgot about it.

During the night of the first heavy rain of the year, I woke up in a panic at three a.m., because I hadn't heard the sump pump go on. I always slept 'with one ear open' whenever it rained heavily, because the last time the sump pump failed, we got nine inches of water in the basement. So, I got up in a hurry and went downstairs, fully expecting to see a disaster. Much to my surprise, the basement was completely warm, dry and cozy. Furthermore, it stayed that way all winter long --and that was during the year of El Ninyo!"
--Kaye Martens, Feng Shui Consultant, Santa Rosa, California

"I'd been trying for eighteen months, to collect $3000 that was owed to me. The check arrived within 48 hours of Gayla's Amazing! Feng Shui. In fact, expected and unexpected money has been flowing in ever since!"
--Ken Pierce, D.C., Cotati, California


To Whom It May Concern,

My Wife and I first met Gayla when we began our search for a Feng Shui consultant. Our decision for Feng Shui help came after careful consideration. We wanted an expert. My spouse looked through the phone book and came across several listings of Feng Shui consultants. As she called around, and began to get to know the local talent, she was hit with Gayla Yates' depth of understanding of Feng Shui. (Gayla's biography is a testament to her background and training. If you have not seen Gayla's bio, "Odyssey," do take a look.) Like Gayla's travels, her knowledge and expertise in the art of Feng Shui are extensive. Our choice for a consultant was a no-brainer. We wanted to go with the best. The best was clearly Gayla, so we arranged the date to have Amazing! Feng Shui for our home.

We had three major issues of concern:

First, my wife wanted to increase her business. (She works out of an office in the house.) There simply were not enough clients to fill her schedule and she needed more clients in order for us to make ends meet.

In my wife's office, Gayla recommended moving the furniture around, opening up my wife's working area while putting my wife in the "commanding" position of power. The changes were easy and inexpensive. And the recommendations paid off in short order! My wife's client schedule began the rounding out, literally as soon as the changes were made.

As for me, I wanted to make a career change and found nothing but obstacles in my attempts to get there.

Gayla also found the position of power in my office and made other supportive changes. I now have a vastly improved "feel" to where I work. My energy is better in the new space of my office. I now look forward to spending time at my desk --that is far different from before Gayla's visit. I can actually feel my confidence and personal power as I sit and write this!

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, our daughter had trouble sleeping in her own bed at night. She hated being in her room, despite the lovely decorating job by her mother and myself. This issue with our daughter and her bedroom went beyond a baby wanting her mother. We both felt there was something energetically wrong in her room and the only way to know once and for all, was to have an intuitive, knowing expert take a look at the room. Gayla turned out to be that person.

Before Gayla's visit, our daughter always fought very hard to not be left alone in her room. (The baby knew there was something wrong.) Gayla found and removed a pocket of heavy negative energy from our daughter's room. Seeing the change is believing! Now our baby is content and sleeps peacefully in her own room. Consequently, my wife and I also sleep much better.

The evidence in our combined situations is overwhelming for the positive. Like the change in my daughter's room, the change in our home and office spaces has been immediate, dramatic and proved to be very powerful. It is just what we needed. Gayla's experience and intuition came together to make significant improvements in our life situation.

Gayla also recommended additional upgrades that will require more time and money. We plan on performing the upgrades for continued success as long term projects, however, my wife and I are very excited that we experienced immediate results, and are seeing continued results, after making the easier, inexpensive changes.

And there is more!

After our Feng Shui experience, I decided to take several individual Transformational Life Counseling sessions with Gayla to improve several areas of performance in my personal life. Since these sessions, I am more confident, more motivated and much happier. My plan for a career change has gained clarity. I'm taking definite steps toward my goals. I'm much more focused and more positive in my job search. And frankly, my search has taken some surprising turns --remarkable turns that I don't believe would have happened, had it not been for Gayla's help.

Gayla combines unique strategies and techniques for each individual she is working with. Her technique is certainly not a cookie cutter approach. Her intuition guides her, in the moment. When you make the decision to change your life for the better and work with Gayla, you will see she has keen insight that allows her to tune into you and design methods specifically tailored for you. Gayla is not a therapist, she is a Shaman.

In the field of Feng Shui and Transformational Life Counseling Gayla Yates is a "heavy hitter." In my opinion, she is THE "big gun" for implementing change and transforming personal issues. I highly recommend working with Gayla to implement whatever positive change you may want in your life. Working with Gayla is an opportunity. Don't pass it up.

(Gayla also worked out a payment schedule with me that greatly helped make the work with her possible. She's worth every cent!)


Tom S., Petaluma, California

Gayla's question to client, Linda B:

"Linda, if you could wave a magic wand and have anything you want from today's Amazing! Feng Shui, what would you ask for?"

Linda's Answer:
"I'm currently doing my Healing Massage practice in the room that should be our master bedroom. I'd like to move my business into the apartment downstairs; but, we're getting a substantial amount of rent for that apartment. --
I already asked my husband if I could move my business downstairs, but he said, 'When [my] massage business is earning at least as much as the apartment is paying us, then we can talk about it.' Right now my business doesn't even bring in a fraction of the income the apartment brings."

Amazing! Feng Shui Remedy:
Shamanic Shifting of Qi, (energy frequency) & Alligning of Purpose, (As Above: So Below.)

Amazing! Feng Shui Result:
Later that same evening, feeling boosted with positive vision and confidence from her Amazing! Feng Shui, Linda, once again approached her husband with the idea of moving her business into the apartment downstairs. This time John offered no resistance. Instead, he said, "Honey, as soon as the apartment becomes empty, you can move your practice into it."

However, since the apartment had been, and was expected to continue, as a long-term rental, the prospect of making the move still seemed like a long way off. However, much to everyone's surprise, just two days later, the tenant announced that she would be moving out... next week!

As soon as the massage business was moved downstairs, it began to increase. Within just a few months, it was bringing in much more income than the apartment's rent ever did. And having the master bedroom relegated to intimacy, rather than to business, greatly improved Linda and John's relationship.

--Linda B., Petaluma, California (1996)

Real Estate Testimonials

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a home or business?

Want to feel "at home"
in your new home?

Want to revitalize your business?

Discover what Amazing! Feng Shui
can do for you...

Miracles happen!

Front Door Yellow
  "My home was on the market for eight months. It was priced to sell and there was a steady stream of prospects, but not one single offer. It sold only nine days after Amazing! Feng Shui." --Cathleen Ray, Interior Designer, Orinda, CA
"I was struggling to sell my shop at Pier 39 for a year and a half without any serious action. Within twenty four hours of Amazing! Feng Shui, I got three good offers and it sold!"
--Jessica F., "I'm now free as a bird!" SF, CA
  "My home in the Berkeley Hills was tastefully remodeled, the gardens were exquisite and I had the outside freshly painted, (twice in two years!) to try to make it sell. The same evening after Amazing Feng Shui, my daughter called to say she and her husband wanted to buy my house! They'd known all along that I was desperate to sell, but they═d never shown the slightest interest in buying the house before this. My daughter came over the next day to take some measurments and when she walked out of the basement she said, 'Mom, what's different? The basement used to feel really creepy; now it feels totally normal.' Amazing! Feng Shui made all the difference!"
--Lydia W., Berkeley, CA
"I fell in love with a house in San Francisco, but I was a single woman residing in France with no green card or job in the U.S. There was a bidding war on the house and I had to return to my work in France at the end of the week. If I didn't secure the deal immediately, my chance to relocate would be lost. My Mortgage Broker was unavailable and my Real Estate Agent was on vacation in Hawaii. I was feeling blocked at every turn. In desperation I decided to try Amazing! Feng Shui. During the shamanic process I could feel the energy shifting and just then the phone rang. It was my agent. She said she felt compelled to call me from the beach! A few days later I was signing my house papers!" --Marie J., San Francisco, CA

Real Estate Note: when Amazing! Feng Shui generates the results you are looking for, in a remarkable way, it is appropriate to offer extra thanks via a red envelope at the time of closing.

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